Fundraise & Giveback Opportunities

We offer our products to distributors, retailers and non-profit organizations for fundraising programs, community givebacks, corporate initiatives, special events and cause marketing campaigns.

Kootenay Knit is passionate about products with purpose and supporting causes.  

Our distinctive custom-made or branded products are perfect for themed initiatives such as breast cancer causes, anti-bullying, truth and reconciliation, pride and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as unique initiatives and special causes.

The Pink Mitten Campaign

The Pink Ribbon Mittens are available for resale, fundraising, giveaways, special events, corporate initiatives and cause campaigns. Co-branding and Giveback opportunities exist. 

Visit our Partner links below. List of Retailers selling the Pink Ribbon Mittens will be available in August.  

We are donating $2 from each pair of Pink Mittens sold to CCS to support breast cancer research and support services, with a minimum contribution of $30,000 in 2024. 

For every pair of Pink Mittens sold through CBCN, $8 will be donated to CBCN to help educate cancer patients on their diagnosis and advocate for their equitable access to quality care, along with the $2 donation to CCS. 

Cause Campaigns

Combine our products with the right marketing solution to create or enhance a cause or charitable initiative. Products can be branded from in-stock or custom-made and both Canada-Made or Overseas-Made options are available. 

Our beanies are provided in the Vo-Pak program backpacks that are delivered free to adolescents and young adults in hospital oncology units containing practical items for hospital stays as well as tools and resources to help them navigate the health care system and access supportive services. 

Our beanies and mittens have been branded and used at their annual conferences which gives their members an opportunity to learn, share, collaborate and connect.